Remarkable Journey

We together have started a journey for more than 15 years & we are heading to the top with firm progresses steps that leaves its prints wherever it goes.

Innovative Services

We are working round the clock and employed with latest electronic techniques and systems to provide innovative solutions through distinguished services that cover all requirements of public and private sectors.

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Company Overview

Public Services Company (PSC) is one of the leading public assistance services provider in State of Kuwait. His Highness late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah issued a decree No. 49/5 establishing the Public Services Company (PSC) in 1996 as a closed Kuwaiti shareholding company, which was established in partnership between the public and private sectors and government agencies with a paid up capital of 5,000,000 million KD.

The idea of establishing Public Services Company (PSC) is in order to provide government services that enable the company to perform on behalf of some ministries and state institutions in a better and more effective and at a lower cost, which will reflect positively on the performance of government agencies and the development of services in general.

Public Services Company (PSC) manages several large projects for the Government of the State of Kuwait in its ministries and regulatory bodies as well as some major companies. The projects are estimated about 40 million KD with a staff of about 500 employees in the holding company and its fully owned subsidiaries.

We are functioning and providing public services within the State of Kuwait from our corporate headquarter located in South of Al-Surra - Ministries Zone Area. Additionally we have 16 service centers in Kuwait and also international offices and branches to operate joint healthcare projects for the Ministry of Health - Kuwait.

Company Activities

  • Establishment of service offices in any regions of Kuwait to complete all transactions of companies, institutions, institutions and individuals in all governmental and non governmental bodies and institutions.
  • Conducting studies and specialized expertise, providing administrative and technical consultations, holding training programs, seminars and conferences that are in accordance with the company's objectives.
  • Providing information and data on all services inside and outside Kuwait and issuing specialized periodicals related to the company's purposes.
  • To conduct studies and collect data on the field of service in all sectors in the country and analyze them for the formation of databases and the establishment and management of information centers to facilitate access to data through the work of subscriptions to individuals and companies, in cooperation and coordination with the concerned authorities.
  • Completion and follow-up of procedures, visas, certifications and special agencies of embassies.
  • Management of health insurance requirements.
  • Air ambulance services.
  • Providing administrative and technical workers for all local public and private companies.
  • Recruitment of specialized technical workers.
  • Manage employment contracts with companies, governmental and non-governmental bodies and bring in specialized and regular workers.

Board of Directors