Remarkable Journey

We together have started a journey for more than 15 years & we are heading to the top with firm progresses steps that leaves its prints wherever it goes.

Innovative Services

We are working round the clock and employed with latest electronic techniques and systems to provide innovative solutions through distinguished services that cover all requirements of public and private sectors.

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MINISTRY OF INTERIOR – Billing & Payment Project

Through one of our subsidiaries, the project was launched in 2007, with a unique product in its scope as it is considered the only governmental service billing and payment solution that works using latest technologies, heavily reducing the project cost and time. In addition to managing the technological scope, the project’s operations, development and support is also managed by our subsidiary. In summary, we have built the first e-Service system for the Kuwaiti government to pay online fine and fees for nine departments including (but not limited to); traffic, immigration, judgment. Also, we are the only company in Kuwait that implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for the governmental sector.

Lastly, our business model proves very suitable, reflecting international trends towards Public Private Partnership (PPP) business model. It’s worth mentioning that our history in launching such projects started since 1999 with huge private companies.