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We together have started a journey for more than 15 years & we are heading to the top with firm progresses steps that leaves its prints wherever it goes.

Innovative Services

We are working round the clock and employed with latest electronic techniques and systems to provide innovative solutions through distinguished services that cover all requirements of public and private sectors.

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Since inception, PSC has been providing an array of services that aid in improving the quality of work performance in the public and private sectors. Such efforts lead to the establishment of the Express Service Project in 2018, which was designed to facilitate speedy transactions for citizens and expatriates. Hence, Express Service is one of our latest projects that permit completing certain government tasks on behalf of our customers. It provides distinguished conveniences for citizens and expatriates through specialized service centers that issues health insurance cards, complete the residency visas for expats and their families, issuance of civil identification cards and the renewal of driving license.

The number of expatriates in Kuwait has reached 70% in recent years, which is equivalent to a ratio of 3-1. Thus, the majority of the population must carry out certain governmental tasks while being residents of Kuwait, such as renewing official papers and documentation for residency, traffic, health insurance and civil identification card. As a result, such project was launched to serve the following objectives:

  1. To provide all the services needed by citizens and expatriates with high quality, and to provide a faster and more convenient method to complete annual governmental transactions.
  2. To increase the level of services provided by the ministries and institutions of Kuwait by facilitating and alleviating public pressure on their location of services.
  3. To contribute in raising the reputation of the State of Kuwait in the humanitarian field through the distinctive services provided to citizens and expatriates in its territory.

PSC provides its services in this project through the following possessed elements:

  1. Professional team in the field of services and information.
  2. The largest call center in Kuwait, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, technologies, communication systems and information systems specialized in customer service.
  3. Diverse fleet of modern cars of various sizes that cater to all customer needs
  4. The company's vast experience of over 14 years in managing and operating governmental projects
  5. Owning the largest database for expatriates.