Remarkable Journey

We together have started a journey for more than 15 years & we are heading to the top with firm progresses steps that leaves its prints wherever it goes.

Innovative Services

We are working round the clock and employed with latest electronic techniques and systems to provide innovative solutions through distinguished services that cover all requirements of public and private sectors.

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XCEL Contact Center

The Public Services Company includes the Excel Call Center, which was established in 2008, which operates several contact centers for several parties in the public sector, with a staff of up to 100 employees, with the implementation of the international performance standards KBI, which operates the latest systems and specialized equipment in the field of communication (AVAYA SYSTEM, CALL PILOT and Call Forwarding from CISCO, and the services offered by the Call Center:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Polling campaigns
  • Guidance campaigns and identification
  • Text messaging service
  • Email service
  • Data entry service
  • Technical support service
  • Counseling and training Services
  • Collection and follow up telephone
  • Advertising services