Who we Are?

Our Services

  • Concierge Services (Yemnak) - Legal Advice and Legislation - Ministry of Justice - General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers - Bank of Warba - Commercial Bank
  • Services for the call center - Kuwait University - Viva - Ministry of Health
  • Khadamat Express

Our Projects

  • Project for expatriate manpower screening - Ministry of Health
  • Health Insurance Project - Ministry of Health
  • Billing and Payment Project - Ministry of Interior
  • Supply of specialized technical labor project - Ministry of Justice - Ministry of Finance - KFH Bank
  • Renting cars for conferences - Amiri Diwan.
  • Providing printing services for all court buildings - Ministry of Justice.

Our Client

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XCEL Telecommunication Center Project

XCEL Contact Center was established in 2008 and operates one of the largest Contact Centers in Kuwait. It employs a team of professionals in the customer services sector and operates with the latest cutting edge technologies.

XCEL Contact Center provides technical solutions and human resources requested by clients. It also provides training, to prepare and enable employees to achieve their organizational requirements and objectives.

XCEL Contact Center handles its cliental relationships with the utmost confidentiality and highest quality services.

Why Choose a Contact Center?

Contact Centers are considered one of the most challenging departments in organizations due to its high cost in terms of technology and human resources. Contact centers are costly departments and generally are not considered resources that generate direct profits. Moreover, contact center employee turnover is often high, which causes a burden on organizations. Hence, reducing expenses in Contact Centers is a fundamental objective of companies, which is often at the expense of quality services provided to customers.

XCEL Contact Center works with our customers to assure customized solutions to aid problem solving. The relationship between XCEL and all of our clients is a partnership in success, where we work as part of the enterprise, putting our expertise in administrative and technical resources to serve the organization.

XCEL Contact Center works in absolute dynamism to suit the needs of our customers in terms of increasing and decreasing the number of employees according to need and in proportion to advertising or marketing campaigns. Lastly, the diversity of services provided by XCEL Contact Center allows our work to be flexible and on available on demand.

Our Services

  • Answering incoming calls/placing outgoing calls
  • Providing marketing campaigns
  • Handling all social media accounts
  • Survey campaigns
  • Technical support services
  • Collection services
  • Training and consulting services
  • Awareness and guidance campaigns